Artistic Circle of Venice

History, the teacher of life, often leads us to retrace fantastic itineraries that inevitably lead us to distant times, where each of our reality draws its origins.

This concept brings us back to the circumstances that gave birth to the idea of the "Artistic Circle of Venice", that is, to the year 1871 when, for example, Vittorio Emanuele II constituted "the Work of Relief for poor and needy artists". Hard times, then, for those artists also of value who had not managed to establish themselves.

The "Artistic Circle of Venice" was founded in 1919, thanks to the will of Prince Umberto di Savoia; the historic building of Palazzo delle Prigioni was therefore entrusted by the State in free use to the Artistic Circle of Venice of Venice to make it its headquarters.

Since then the many events that have taken place constitute a long cultural journey that see the revival, in a modern perspective, of many activities and wide-ranging initiatives, with particular attention to the world of youth.